Benefits of nuts in summer

Did you know that nuts are very beneficial at this time of year? Now that the heat is tightening, we have to find the richest ideas to feel good inside and out while we enjoy our holidays. That is why today, from Frutos Secos San Blas, we tell you the benefits of dried fruits in summer.

Having a healthy diet is not difficult if you know how to choose the right foods at each time of the year. The different nutrients and properties that nuts provide us will give us the necessary energy to enjoy in summer. Read on to know its benefits!

Eat them wherever you want

Nuts are very easy to take wherever you want. If you are going on a summer getaway, they are the perfect option to give you that energy boost between stops. For snacks, as aperitif, carry a good handful in a tightly closed bag to avoid humidity.

They are a very heat resistant food, they do not go bad if you keep them well. You can take them to the beach without fear of spoiling! If you want even more comfort, take them peeled and, preferably, toasted without salt or raw.

Energy for your trips

Nuts give you an important supply of energy and they are rich in healthy fats. This makes them perfect for your aperitif on trips and excursions, to snack between hours before meals. The fatty acids they have are the well-known omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9. They are molecules that are only obtained through food.

In addition, they are a source of antioxidants, which helps to prevent fatty acids from oxidizing. This means that we can benefit to a greater extent and for a longer time from the properties of fatty acids than through other types of food.

Regulate your intestinal transit

Due to its high fiber content, one of the most important benefits of nuts is the regulation of intestinal transit. If you are one of those people who often have intestinal problems when they leave the house, add them to your diet to combat constipation.

They are very beneficial to control appetite and, in addition, lower cholesterol levels by interfering with intestinal absorption. The nuts with the most fiber content are pistachios and walnuts, they are delicious and very versatile in your recipes!

Care about your skin 

One of the parts of our body that we must take care of the most at this time of year is the skin. Being exposed to the sun all day, we must be especially careful. Therefore, eating foods that help protect us will be key.

Walnuts have properties that help care for the skin. They are rich in folic acid, a vitamin of group B that is related to the purpose of the dermis. In addition, they have Vitamins A, E and zinc that fight oxidation processes related to skin aging.

We hope you take care of yourself this summer, taking the best nuts. Enjoy them in the easiest way, through a single click in our online nut store. Take advantage of its benefits!

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