Sweet/Salted, Tropical, Japanese, Extra, Normal, San Blas, Revueltazo…


We mix nuts depending on their flavour and type. We are pioneers in cocktails and we offer a wide range of them: sweet/salted, tropical, revueltazo, the famous San Blas cocktail and salad cocktail among others.


We always use natural products colorants, aditives and gluten free in our production process. Also, they are palm oil free due to the fact that we fry everything with olive oil.


If nuts individually provide proteins, vitamins and healthy benefits, when they are mixed their benefits are multiplied.

The widest range of cocktails

We offer a wide range of cocktails to satisfy your needs and tastes. We sell cocktails of different types and origins. You can choose your ideal size, from 80 gr. to 25 kg.

Organic cocktails

Organic cocktails come from natural crops, where they obtain a more intense flavour than the average. You can discover our range of types and sizes. You can use them for saladas, cakes or yoghurts.

Gourmet cocktails

Discover our new line of Gourmet cocktails. They are compound by the best quality nuts and they are sold in different sizes. The best flavour and the best quality.

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