Quality policy, food safety and environment

SUCESORES DE FRUTOS SECOS SAN BLAS SL is a company that is dedicated to the manufacture (roasting and frying of nuts). Packaging of nuts (natural raw, roasted, fried and / or with chocolate coating and / or caramelised), dried fruits, legumes, seeds and sweets, in plastic containers (with or without MAP) and glass containers.

Our company is customer-oriented so we are continually improving to meet their daily needs.

In order to serve the defense, conservation and improvement of the environment, our company strives to minimize, reuse and reduce as far as possible the generation of waste generated by the activity it develops, as well as to control the expenditure of the resources used, mainly energy consumption and diesel consumption.

As a continuous improvement in the provision of the service, SUCESORES DE FRUTOS SECOS SAN BLAS aims to improve internal work management and reaffirm its competitive position within the market segment where it operates.

In our quest to achieve higher quality in our manufacturing and distribution services as well as greater proactivity towards caring for the environment that surrounds us, we have established the following principles to comply with within our company:

  • To achieve the full satisfaction of our clients and other interested parties, maintaining the System in an efficient and effective way to verify the commitment with the clients and with the environment, seeking a better internal organization of work.
  • Establish optimal control of the Waste generated by the activity we provide, as a fundamental basis to promote our company’s commitment to preserving the environment.
  • Come into effect all the requirements imposed by our interested parties as well as all those of a legal nature in the field of quality, food safety and the environment that were required of us and other requirements that the company considers appropriate to subscribe.
  • Prevent contamination that could generate SUCCESSORS OF SAN BLAS DRY FRUITS to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship with the environment that surrounds us.
  • Achieve high competitiveness in our markets based on the trust and loyalty of our customers.
  • The correct development of the implementation of the food safety system is everyone’s responsibility and has the support and commitment of the Management, guaranteeing the competence of the personnel for the development of their activities.
  • Food safety is one more characteristic of the product that is our obligation to monitor and guarantee.
  • Raise awareness, motivate, train and stimulate the participation of all collaborators as well as encourage teamwork.
  • Carry out an analysis of the results of the processes and products as a fundamental measure for continuous improvement, reduction of environmental impact and the guarantee of providing safe products for their intended use.

This policy is constantly evolving, so it is reviewed for its continuous adaptation to the context of the organization and provides a reference framework for the establishment and review of objectives.

Seville, 1st of February of 2021

Yolanda Sánchez Muñoz

Quality certifications

SUCESORES DE FRUTOS SECOS SAN BLAS SL is committed to quality and food safety in the manufacture of its products. For this, it has a complete control of the production chain that consists of: purchasing of raw materials from approved suppliers, inspection of them on arrival at our facilities, thus guaranteeing that our products comply with the quality standard established and required by our customers, controls of all production processes and guarantee of compliance with the correct delivery conditions.

Along with the commitment to food safety and quality, SUCESORES DE FRUTOS SECOS SAN BLAS SL maintains a solid commitment to the environment by reducing the footprint generated, as a result of our industrial activity, through correct recycling and waste management and optimization in the consumption of resources in order to prevent pollution.

Continuous improvement in procedures, equipment, systems, etc., allow us to keep our centers and processes certified in internationally recognized standards: FSSC 22000, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ecological certification.

FRUTOS SECOS SAN BLAS is a company comitted to the quality of the processes, products, machinery, equipment, systems and coatings. We certify to our clients quality assurance through common standards in all sectors of activity at an international level ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and FSSC 22000.