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Chestnuts’ flavour change according to the way of consumption. Raw ones are bitter whereas they turn to sweet when they are cooked. In addition, pilongas chestnuts are drier than normal ones. 

Furthermore, pine nuts are a small nut, tender and a bit sweet. They are used to make souces and garrisons.


Product colouring and preservative free, as well as gluten and palm free, presented in its natural way. The pinion can be Spanish or not. Moreover it can present different calibers: 750 or 950.


Chestnuts contain lot of fiber, water and carbohydrates, making them a food that gives energy in a flowing way. Because of that, its consumption is recommended among children and athletes. Moreover, they have a satiating effect, consequently nutricionist recommend them in weight control diets. They also contain antiosidants, vitamin C, manganese and potassium.

On the other hand, pine nuts contain high proportion of omega-6, omega -3, vitamin E and zinc, which benefit cardiovascular system and control cholesterol. They also help to enforce inmune system due to their content in potassium, magnesium, zinc and iron.


A wide range of chestnuts and pinions

Our wide range of chestnuts and pine nuts is adapted to your tastes and needs. We offer different types of chestnuts and pine nuts of different origins, peel, peeled, raw, roasted and fried with olive oil. You can choose your ideal format, from 100 gr. to 25 kg.


Organic pine nuts

These pine nuts come from natural crops which gives them a more intense flavour. Add them to your salads, cakes or yogurts.

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