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The seed is soft, relatively crunchy, with a light sweet flavour. When almonds are roasted or fried their flavour gains aroma and intensity. Our offer is composed by the following types:

  • Peel: long, comuna, raw, fried with olive oil, roasted, salted and salt free.
  • Peeled: granulated, flaked, flour, whole, bits, long, fried with olive oil, roasted, salted and salt free.


We always use raw materials in our production process. They are colouring and preservative free, as well as gluten and palm free because we fry everything with olive oil.


Almonds’ consumption stimulates the brain and it gives nutrients to the nervous system. It can also reduce the risk of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer. Thanks to its high presence of phosphorus, almonds strengthen bones and tooth. There are researches that a regular consumption can reduce up to 50% the possibilitiy of suffering a heart attack. Althoug their high content on fats, almonds are good for the metabolism as they help to the control of weight. Moreover, they present high quantity of fibre, proteins, minerals and vitamins B and E, which means lot of benefits for the health and illness prevention.

A wide range of almonds

Our wide range of almonds is adapted to your tastes and needs. We offer different types of almonds of different origins, peel, peeled, raw, roasted and fried with olive oil. You can choose your ideal format, from 80 gr. to 25 kg.

Almendras ecológicas bio 100%

Organic almonds

These almonds come from natural crops which gives them a more intense flavour. Add them to your salads, cakes or yogurts.

Gourmet almonds

We offer a Gourmet line of San Blas almonds. Our best quality selected Gourmet almonds in every format. The summum flavour with a superior quality.

almendra frita gourmet

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