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Everything you need to know about pistachios

The pistachio is the sweetest of the nuts, and its almost open shells leave us almost all the work done to just devour them. Their intense green color and their bittersweet flavor mean that when you start eating them, you don’t stop until you finish the package. From Frutos Secos San Blas, we tell you everything you need to know about them.

They are obtained from the Pistacia Vera tree, native to the mountainous regions of Greece, Syria, Turkey and Iran, this country being the main producer worldwide. This tree grows up to 10 meters in height and stands out that it is a plant that needs little water.

History says that the modern pistachio was planted for the first time in Western Asia, its cultivation spread to the Mediterranean world, passing through Iran, where it has become an extremely important crop. These fruits are also said to have been planted in the hanging gardens of Babylon around 600 BC. by King Nebuchadnezzar, with the aim of cheering up his wife.


Pistachios, when eaten raw, have a very balanced supply of nutrients. They provide about 20% of vegetable proteins, values ​​close to legumes, but they cannot be consumed as much.

About half is made up of fats, mostly made up of monounsaturated oleic acid that benefits the heart.

They provide energy that is released gradually, thanks to the 28% carbohydrates it contains. It also helps intestinal transit thanks to the fiber it provides.

They also have abundant antioxidant agents and other agents that inhibit the expression of genes related to anti-inflammatory processes. A 30g handful of pistachios provide more antioxidant agents than a cup of green tea.


For the heart, the pistachio provides lutein that prevents the oxidation of cholesterol and its accumulation in atheroma plaques, as well as phytosterols and fiber that help eliminate it from the circulation. Daily consumption can lower bad cholesterol.

It can help fight obesity and diabetes, when consumed in moderation, its richness in fiber favors intestinal transit and sugar control. For a diabetic it can reduce the high glycemic load of other foods.

For its conservation we recommend storing it in a glass jar, like the one in our BIO range, as they quickly turn rancid.

In conclusion, we can say that the consumption of pistachios is highly recommended as they offer a large number of benefits and properties for our health. From Frutos Secos San Blas we put at your disposal our online store so that you can get the best BIO pistachios.

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